APL Group is an equal-opportunity employer. All employees are treated with the same respect and consideration irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, nationality and sex. The growth chart in the company is carefully formulated to provide equal opportunities to all, to create greater exposure and to facilitate positive development.

"APL Group is a people-friendly organization with employee-centric policies."

“Every one is a performer at APL Group”

The people at APL Group not only work to fulfill the company goals but also work for themselves. Every endeavor of APL Group is supported and successfully completed by is people.


When great minds get together, they inspire each other. Our collaborative culture proves it. By working a better way – sharing ideas, voicing opinions, giving feedback and lending support – we get better results.

Your opportunity to positively impact health around the world begins here. Whether you are an experienced job seeker or newer to the field, we offer a world of career opportunities in many areas of our business.

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